Wednesday, April 18, 2012


RH5 bh4


When I see you
I hide myself away
Run, cry and don't stay
When you speak to me
I only speak back to you
When I have to
I don't want to show you
That I'm crying inside
That's why I run and hide
I don't want to show you
The pain that I feel 
As I realise
I'll never be the one
Standing by your side
I don't want to show you
No I really don't
So if I don't talk
Look or speak to you
It's because of the pain that is caused
By being in love ....


Unbranded Maxi skirt | PRMUNO Denim Jacket | White Top | Boots | Cotton Shawl

with love,

credit to : obe bee
edited by me


elyna mirsada said...

blog walking..nice outfit..

Asikin Izas said...

cantik seperti selalu..

Cha said...

I'm waiting for your post like crazy. can u believe me? haha

like before, semua gambar cantik =)

Pn.Mieza Fadzly said...

beautiful like always :)

.:MrS cHerRy:. said...


eza zularyeza said...

hello dear..can u tell me what model is your camera..i kinda sedang meng-usha the best camera.and can u tell me how much it cost?

Nur Aischa said...

cantik outfit sis, always love your style ;)

Annisa mulia said...

Awesome :)

Very beautiful xD
Love it!

Anonymous said...

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rosatiqa said...

nice outfit ! simple and it portrays a strong character of a woman...